Transitioning into trimesters

Transitioning into trimesters

Lauren Duarte, Staff Writer

Students have been talking for months now about how the school is changing into trimesters.

The question everyone is asking is: will it help the students, or will it hurt them?

Trimesters are supposed to help students focus on their classes more by having only five classes that are longer periods than classes this year. However, some people do not like longer classes, and claim that it can be a lot harder to focus for that long. However, it is important to note that it also would help incoming freshmen get more credits.  A few Renton students have shared their opinions about this new change.

“I don’t like it because what if you have one teacher one time and another teacher the next, and they teach differently? It could confuse the students,” states Kiernan McCarter.

“I think it’s good for us to get more credits, but I don’t like the longer classes,” expresses another student.

“I think it would benefit me in many ways. First off, since the classes are longer I get to understand stuff better; I would have more time to evaluate things from one class and I get to try out more classes. It would also help me earn credits easier,” voices Arely Mora.

“I think that it might mess up the cycle I use every year, but adding more class minutes may benefit me in letting me have more time to do work and allowing me to learn new topics,” states Charlie Valdez.

Nina Vinkhampraseuth says, “hmm…. well I think trimesters will help students have extra credits, and it will personally help me on my grades. I can catch up on my work but it kind of seems confusing.”

“I think trimesters will benefit lots of students. It will give them a better [chance] at passing their classes and graduating. Also, [it] will let students finish all their required classes faster,” adds Kenny Saeteurn.

“I feel like people are incredibly stressed about this new system, but personally, I believe many students will benefit from it, in terms of longer classes, different electives, and it will keep students in-check with their grades,” says Sarah Mwangi.

“I think trimesters will be interesting. There is more room for more electives which is nice, but the classes are longer, which I don’t really like,” concludes Anne Wyche.