Renton Mayor visits leadership students

April 11, 2018


Wednesday morning, April 4Renton leadership students welcomed Mayor Denis Law of Renton to their class. They spent an hour talking, questioning, and learning all about his job. With having him there, students had the opportunity to listen and join in meaningful conversations. They also learned about being a leader in the community and how to apply fundamental leadership skills to the real world.

Upon speaking with Leadership and Social Studies teacher Christina Neuschwander, she shared her goal in bringing in leaders from the community to speak with her students.

 “I want my leadership students to see this sort of theoretical leadership, that their learning in class—is actually applied in the real world,” explained Neuschwander. 

She also shared how valuable the student-to-speaker interactions were as Mayor Denis Law spoke with and answered several questions. Students became particularly interested in his work in Skyway as well as in Renton.

“He answered lots of questions that the students asked about parks, and Skyway, and police, and fire departments—it was really cool,” Neuschwander shared.

When asked what she wants her students to take awaay from guest speakers like Mayor Law, Neuschwander explained how important it is that students take the principles of leadership and apply them to their everyday lives.

“I want them to see that the things we are talking about in class are not just things that they learn in leadership, and then forget as soon as they walk out the door—that they are things that they can apply for the rest of their life, in all kinds of situations no matter who they are,” said Neuschwander.

Jasmin Cortez, a senior in leadership, gave feedback on the experience and how important it was to her.

“I think it’s important to see different types of leadership roles, in our city, and in our community,” shared Cortez.

She also shared her ideas about applying leadership skills to future endeavors and really how vital it can be. When asked about how important it was to meet with such a big leader in the community, she explained her personal connection to the experience.

“I think engaging with leaders helps me be a better leader,” said Cortez.

Post conversation about taking initiative in the community, Cortez shared how having continued visits with important leaders in leadership class will be helpful.

 “I think it’s important, because they are important parts of our society,” Cortez emphasized.  

Kimara Mahoney, another student in Ms. Neuschwander’s 1st period class, shared a little bit about Mayor Law’s talk and what really stuck out to her.

“In leadership, we just have discussions; so he talked to us about leadership, and how he went from a business owner—to having people elect him,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney also shared how having visits like this, benefits the class; whether it be to have further events or building connections with her classmates.

“It’s important to a certain extent, it gives people opportunities to build relationships with people in class, and host things,” explained Mahoney.





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