Food Fair

Multicultural Event 2018


Tatiyanna Lewis, Staff Writer

Renton High School had its annual multicultural food fair event last week. The food fair event at Renton was comprised of food and drinks from different cultures.

Students and teachers were able to purchase tickets which allow them to buy food during one 45 minute lunch break. This is one day in the school year where all staff and students get to share the same lunch and interact in a wonderful, social event.

Every year, kids from different clubs come together and decide on dishes to make to serve and showcase their cultures. This year at Renton High, the food fair had an abundance of diverse foods from around the world.

Not only did multicultural club performers participate in serving cultural food, but also other groups that represent Renton High School participated as well, such as culinary’s Essence of Renton , the Class of 2018, and Key Club.

Food Fair Menu- 2018

JAG    Vietnamese spring rolls $1.00 / Sprite /Sherbet punch $1.00

Japanese Research Club Onigiri (Rice ball) $1.50 / Dango (Sweet Dough Treat) $1.00

Essence of Renton Chicharrones $1.00 / Sambusas $2.00 / Basil Seed Lemonade $1.00

K-Pop Japchae $1.50/ Hotteoks $2.00

Polynesian Poly drink $1.00

Class of 2018 Chili $1.00 / Corn Bread $1.00 Honey butter $.50

Garden Club   Popcorn; butter or white cheddar seasoning $.50

Class of 2020   Edible Cookie Dough $1.00 / Bruschetta $1.00

Filipino Student Union Filipino spaghetti $2.00 / Lumpia $2.00 / Mango Juice $.50

Black Student Union Chicken $2.00 / Macaroni and cheese $2.00 / Kool-Aid $.50 / Waffles $1.00

Key Club Stir-fry noodles $1.00 / Karage (Chicken) $1.50 / Fried Rice $1.00

HOSA Thai Tea $2.00 / Sugar Cookies $1.00