Polynesian Club

Multicultural Week 2018

Alani R. Wanzer, Staff Writer

During multicultural week, RHS students are familiar with the iconic hula dances that show grace, beauty rhythm.

However, it is important to remember that not all clubs are the same. RHS boasts both Polynesian club and Pacific Islander club.

The leader of Polynesian club created the hula routine that was organized into one big performance. He explained how dances are interpreted: “We tell a story with our dances. This year’s performance is about girl power.” He explained how they wanted to show that girls are as strong as guys with their beautifully performed dance.

Ms. Shaw, the teacher adviser who oversees Polynesian club, Pacific Islander club, and Filipino club, shared that this year’s performances for multicultural went more smoothly and with more organization. She feels very proud of the groups and their performances.

Huge shout-out to Polynesian club for their beautiful dances that demonstrate the strength in women and a standing ovation for their adviser who organizes three clubs at once.