Multicultural Event 2018


Alani R. Wanzer, Staff writer

During multicultural week, we were given the opportunity to see Kpop (Korean pop) club perform. KPOP club is a student gathering where they practice dance routines, coordinate performances such as assemblies, and prepare for Renton High School’s multicultural week.  They all come together as one big family to show their creativity and teach the school more about KPOP.

An interview with one of the leaders from KPOP gave insight into how the club was organized this year.

KPOP had 3 performances during last week’s multicultural festivities with 3 different songs, each with its own complex dance routine.

“We organized the performances by preferences,” says KPOP leader.

The performances started with small groups that got bigger as the performances transitioned into the last performance with all members, all wearing coordinating outfits with their groups and concluding with a bow.

The interview revealed another interesting fact.

“Kpop in this country tends to be in a closed group,” says KPOP leader. “Outside this country there’s more variety.”

KPOP in America only recognizes a select few KPOP groups; outside this country, there are more groups to choose from and listen to rather than the most popular ones commonly known. Knowing that there is a larger range of KPOP groups to listen to helps the club pick music choices and create choreography for the performances.

 “It was a lot less stressful and more organized,” explained KPOP leader when comparing this year’s performance to last year’s.


Overall, KPOP showed great performances and gave the audience a chance to witness amazing dance moves that continue to give more insight to the world of KPOP.