Teen Tix

Lauren Wetzel, Editor

Teen Tix is a program for all teenagers, and it gives $5 tickets to shows, theater productions, movies, art shows, literature days, and more.

Sign up online at teentix.org and request to have them send a pass in the mail.

In the meantime, you can print out a temporary pass which will be your admission to getting the $5 tickets.

All tickets are required to be purchased day of, so just show up at whatever event you want to go to and show them your ID and pass.

Some shows on Sunday evenings allow any teen to buy 2 tickets for $10, so people can go with non-teen friends. This program allows students to afford to go to all kinds of events without breaking their bank.

Teen Tix wants to give students a chance to broaden their experiences and immerse themselves in the creative power of the arts. They want to empower youth and give them opportunities to further their curiosity and learning.

Pacific Northwest Ballet, the EMP, and 5th Avenue Theater are all some of the amazing companies that are a part of this program.

Next time you don’t have anything to do, make sure to check Teen Tix for fun opportunities!


Link to website: https://www.teentix.org/