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March 20, 2018


The most recent event that Renton DECA had taken part in was the DECA State Career Development Conference, March 1-3, 2018. During this event, students had the opportunity to compete in competitive events individually or with a group, in hopes of advancing to the International State Conference in spring.


This year’s ICDC, will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, and students from all over the country will be attending.


Renton DECA has participated in many events, conferences and academies in hopes of bettering the program. From regional conferences, to local town hall events, students in DECA are constantly receiving opportunities in the community.

At Renton High School, Advanced Marketing classes and DECA club students run the RHS Store. These students have the ability to learn basic and fundamental sales marketing skills with a hands-on approach. Students are also pushed to improve their customer service skills and analyze sales data in order to make positive changes for the store.

Washington DECA’s mission is to “provide business and leadership opportunities to high school students to succeed in school, careers and life.” Using this tactic by making business an important topic for young students, the organization encourages understanding one’s economy and world. When students are aware of their surroundings and how important their impacts are, they can thrive in the modern world.


Students looking to join RHS DECA should know that the possibilities are endless.


The program will not only help students become leaders, but students will have opportunities to travel, hangout with their chapter, and prepare for future careers. Students will become proficient in time management, team learning skills and business etiquette, while attending competitions.

At conferences like WRLC, which Renton attends each fall, students have the chance to network, preform mock job interviews, and compete in mock competitions.

Becoming marketing students has influenced many to get serious about their grades and futures. DECA boasts this about several former members who remain involved with the program.

One of those former DECA students is Jeff Lindsey, a marketing teacher at Renton High, and the chapter advisor for Renton.

Lindsey shared just how important the program is to him and how it has shaped his life:

DECA is my biggest and best memory of High School, as it allowed me to be a part of something more than just sports. Because I was so involved in DECA as a student, I came back to help my advisor year after year. After a while, I enjoyed it more than my own job. Because of DECA I am a teacher. I can honestly say without it I would not be teaching.

Joining the Renton Chapter will not be a decision to regret for any students interested. All students—from freshmen to seniors, are welcome in the program.

Come to Jeff Lindsey’s, room 116, and simply ask him what DECA is all about.



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