The rundown on New York Fashion Week


Tatiyanna Lewis, Staff Writer

The theme for the New York fashion week was bright colors and big coats.  The colors that strike the runway were bold and beautiful, allowing these women to feel empowered.

“Never has a woman had more choice to be clever with her own image, and dressing in a more powerful way to reflect her own personal sense of self and style,” says Avril Graham, Harper’s Bazaar executive fashion and beauty editor. “You can tone it down or amp it up depending on your mood next season”.

At this year’s NYFW, there were many designers from all parts of the world.  An Indian- American designer Naeem khan showcased his latest work at NYFW. Naeem Khan is a well- rounded fashion designer who has worked with celebrities such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Lady gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and many more. His collection was showcased on Feb. 13th and it included over-the-top glitter and giving a dramatic effect.

According to Khan, “his show was dedicated and inspired by the women in his life who are strong—independent, motivated inside and out”.

Still at this year’s NYFW there were familiar designers coming to make an impact on the runaway. Designers such as Clavin Klein, Alexander Wang, Gucci and many more.

Calvin Klein showcased his collection on February 13th, alongside Naeem Khan. While both designers stood out, Calvin Klein brought a different style of show to NYFW.

RAF Simmons teamed up with Klein and decided to take over the American stock exchange. It was something that nobody has seen before as they dressed up with popcorn. The scenery wasn’t the biggest shock, rather it was that Simmons debuted both men and women in fireman jackets, which also integrated reflective stripes. He even turned surveillance blankets into dresses.

At this NYFW, they brought new faces to showcase the looks with brands such as Adidas, Daniëlle Cathari, Bandi Nior and Bottega Veneta. These designers and many more came to debut what the world has been overlooking in terms of fashion. Brands like Land of Distraction teamed up with familiar brands such as Raf Simmons .

Not only was this year’s NYFW about empowerment of women, but also men and people of different walks of life. Women and men from different races, plus size women and transgender/non-binary women and men stole the platform with power and grace. Overall, this year’s NYFW created the feeling for anyone to feel empowered, no matter who they were and made people feel strong and beautiful.