Love Me Love You

Angel Phandanouvong, Staff Writer

Thoughts about this is normal

Then why aren’t we normal?

I’m stuck in the corner pouring,

Your still stuck on exploring.

We used to be so happy I rather kill than lose you

I can stay for the hurt

The bruises

The tears

And the break ups.

But don’t leave

You are me

Like I am you, don’t fight it.

I’m losing myself

While still finding myself.

I’m mad, except not at you

For 8 months I felt complete

Now I’m gone

Drowning in a pool

Where music blast

Stuck in my own world

A black shadow

You may not see.

Forever in heart

Wishing were present.

You made me feel useless

While I was the happiest, ever.

I’m the bad guy, right?

Just know I love you

With all I have, I still do,

At the door steps. I stay. I wait.

When you please just know I’m here forever.

Come back.