We need to notice everything

Miranda Hanes, Staff Writer

There was a time where her dad was single,

and her mom was too far away to take care of her.

Her dad tried,

to be good.

Even did her hair how girls are supposed to like,

up in a high pony tail.

Her dad had a constant fear of hurting her,

that he overcame most of the time

but for the times he didn’t,

she would come back home

with her ponytail barely holding on.


You see,

Dad didn’t tie the ponytail tight enough

in fear, he would hurt his little girl’s head.

But no one noticed that.


Sometimes the little girl had nightmares,

and she would run to her dad’s room.

Instead of getting mad,

knowing he had to get up at 5

and it was already 3

he told her to grab a sleeping bag,

and to sleep on the ground next to him.

But no one noticed that.


Whenever night time came,

dad made sure his girl was in bed

Early enough to wake up for school,

He made sure she was fed—

the meat,

the greens,

the grains,

everything she needed to grow strong

like dad,

and mom.

But no one noticed that.


Instead they noticed his faults,

And studied his imperfections.

They noticed his voice ringing in his kid’s ears

That was left there the night before.

So loud we can all be.

They noticed marks on his kid’s skin,

So mean we can all be.


The pain in the hearts of the children,

Was the same of the dad.


that was left from his own father.

The marks that were left on his skin,

And the ringing in his ears

Did anyone notice that?

How are we supposed to learn to be good,

when all we know is bad?

The truth is,

There is good,

Even in bad

We just need to notice everything.