UNSOLVED: the mysterious vanishing of Nancy Moyer

UNSOLVED: the mysterious vanishing of Nancy Moyer

Lauren Duarte, Staff Writer

Nancy Moyer was a 36-year-old mother of two who surprisingly disappeared in Tenino, Washington, in 2009. The last time anyone saw her, she was driving home from work while her husband Bill was with her two daughters. March 6, 2009, on a cold Friday night was the night she disappeared.

After three days of her disappearance, on a Sunday night around 6 p.m., her husband Bill came to drop the kids off and noticed something odd: her door was left wide open. He was confused as she never missed a drop-off. Her daughters were everything to her, according to reports. He left and came back a little later, and she still had not returned.

He noticed that she had left her purse, keys, and cellphone at the house. Stranger still, he noticed that the TV was left on, and there was a half glass of wine on the table.

Later after she was reported missing, her neighbors gave some troubling reports. They reported that they had heard her later in the night, the same exact night that she had been last seen. They said they heard her car and her talking someone saying “hurry up, let’s get going.” The neighbors assumed that she was talking to her daughters.

Even more strange was that the detectives said that her husband, Bill, showed up around 11:30-12 o’clock, and it was one of the coldest times of the year. The detectives kept looking for the missing mother of two.

8 years have passed, and there is still no trace of this mother. One of the detectives, Ben Elkins, called it a “no body homicide.”  Police never found any evidence for a murder in her home, and to this day, no one knows what happened to Nancy Moyer.

The question still lingers: is she still alive or dead?