Artist Spotlight: Jasmine Alexandria Jackson


Van-Anh Nguyen, Staff Writer

Name: Jasmine Alexandria Jackson

Birthday: April 18, 2001


IG: @jae_alex_jackson



Jasmine is currently junior at RHS, and she is also a super talented girl. She plays 5 different instruments: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and drum.

But that’s not all.

Jasmine can also sing and even writes her own songs. She started off with song covers on Instagram, and her first real performance was at a friend’s party about a year ago.

“I was really really nervous because there were so many people,” Jasmine said.

Lots of people have supported her in her endeavor for her passion, and she keeps on going further. Her goal is to sign a contract with Epic or Fearless Records.

Jasmine shared, “I love singing and that’s my main thing. I’m planning to go further with my singing carrier. I wrote songs with my emotions, most of them are emotional songs about love and life.”

Her best friend also plays guitar, and they are planning on forming a band in which Jasmine will be the lead singer and her friend will be a guitarist.

Jasmine’s plan after high school is be a tattoo artist while still forming a band with her friend and other people.

“If I can’t sign the contract with one of the record labels, I will be a tattoo artist. That was my dream job since forever!” Jasmine shares.