Sports: the effect on your body

Sports: the effect on your body

Lauren Duarte, Staff Writer


Have you ever thought about how sports affect your health and body? Have you considered the differences between going outside and playing sports compared to sitting inside and staring at a TV screen? Well, there is a big difference. Playing sports and being outside is a great way to help your body. In fact, sports can also help people with diabetes maintain better control. In contrast, being inside all the time or staring at a screen will not help your body out at all. Let’s break it down.

Tennis is a great example. Tennis is a full body workout that burns a lot of calories. People who play tennis are constantly running, swinging, and reaching. Tennis is a real workout—especially when pitted against the right opponent. It is a sport that uses the whole body—otherwise known as a whole-body sport simply because of the constant movement. Tennis is a great workout, and just like tennis, other sports help the body exercise as well. Exercising is better than laying on the couch or doing nothing.

Doing sports and other activities help increase the health and quality of lifestyle. To all the readers out there who have not joined a sport, consider it! Sports also help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression and much more.

Next time you find yourself in PE classes in school, consider the strength that sports disciplines help build and how much of a benefit it is to your body after sitting in classes for several hours a day! It might not always be that fun, and it could be strenuous and exhausting. But, it helps!

There are a lot of sport options here at RHS.  So, support your school and get that exercise for a healthy body!