UNSOLVED: killer blobs falling in a Washington town

February 8, 2018

August 7, 1994, In Oakville, Washington, a fall day usually immersed by rainfall and soggy soil, was instead struck by something unusual and almost otherworldly.

It was 3 a.m. when a witness turned on the wind shield wipers and noticed the rain drops weren’t wiping away. The small droplets were flattening and mushing together like jelly.

This mysterious substance not only baffled the 665 townspeople, but it also infected them.

The locals became severely ill with symptoms including blurred vision, nausea, and difficulty breathing. The undiscovered illness infected nearly every person who went outside during the 3-week period of rain and weird globs.

Pets were not immune to illness. In fact, the effect was much worse on other species. Several pets and strays died due to the rain.

This was terrifying for the owners and residents, especially those that grew up in the tiny town. It was an attack from above, and there was nothing they could possibly do.

Finally, after immense chaos and confusion, a local took one of the blobs to be tested.

But, the results were shocking.

It was found that the blobs contained human white blood cells, as well as two other types of bacteria—one that can often be found in a human’s digestive track.

The microbiologist, Mike McDowell, saw just how unusual the substance really was. But before he or anyone else could do further testing— he went to his office and the samples were missing.

“I came in and the material was not where it was supposed to be,” McDowell revealed.

He asked his colleagues in the office, and they replied with, “don’t ask.”

This must have been mind-altering for McDowell, as he now would be unable to find a cause or find closure. To this day he still believes that it had to have been purposeful—that someone had to have caused the rain.

This material, and I have no proof one way or the other, was manufactured by someone for some purpose, and for some reason, Oakville was chosen as the test site,” McDowell said.

Later, scientists discovered that the blobs seemed to have a Eukaryotic cell—which could only be found in a living, or once living, thing.

It was impossible. It caused many to question the very rules of science and natural occurrences.

These events stunned the town and also caused many speculate. And that’s where the theories came in.


Theory One:

Government involvement.

Some believe the government was testing certain weapons of war out on the small Washington town. A few locals even admitted to noticing an unusual, slow-moving aircraft circling above the town before the rainfall.  Some also say it was a military aircraft. And, if the military was involved, it might explain the exact 3-week period of rain. Though, unfortunately after the events took place, no samples of the substance were preserved. One over-looker might assume that if the government was involved, they would have found a way to cover any trace of themselves. No matter the cost.

To this day- they deny having had any involvement.


Theory Two

Jelly fish contamination.

This theory also involved the military, but not as the sole perpetrator. Some believe that the military accidentally sent a group of jelly fish ascending into the air during a bombing procedure; thereby, causing the particles to separate and settle in the atmosphere only to later land in Oakville, WA and fall solely in a specific 20-mile area.

Most scientists shut down this theory due to the probability of the blobs traveling inland as far as they did and landing in such a small area. This theory was also known as the “Star Jelly,” which is a translucent and gelatinous substance sometimes found on grass and trees.

It is a folklore, said to have incidents trailing back to the 14th century, with cases of fallen remains including frogs, toads, and even the paranormal. This is unlikely because the blobs did not have a strong odor or stench of rotten remnants.


Theory Three


In 2001, Kerala, a state in India, was drenched in unexplainable red rain. A physicist analyzed the droplets expecting it to be dust particles, but instead saw what looked like blood cells. An astrobiologist in Great Britain, Chandra Wickramasinghe, thinks that the rain was indeed due to space and aliens. He believes with the amount of space rocks that hit the Earth, 100 tons, it is plausible. He also promotes a theory called “Panspermia,” that life exists beyond the earth and is sent here by asteroids and meteoroids. Some people believe that this theory exactly fits, and explains, the Oakville blobs. The blobs had blood cells, which were living at one time, and were missing the rotting smell of decomposing organisms. Aliens wouldn’t have that distinct smell.


The Arrow’s Theory

Our newsroom was pretty split up, with the majority in favor of Theory One. Based off of incident and location, a government experiment/cover-up seems plausible. And, due to the exact 3-week period of rain and the 20-mile radius, the event seemed oddly precise, not coincidental.

As mentioned before, several locals admitted having seen slow moving (possible) military aircraft, prior to the events. Our staff writers also found it eerily suspicious that there are no existing samples of the substance because they somehow “disappeared” from McDowell’s office—and that the government denies any involvement.

Sounds like a cover-up to us.



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