Artist Spotlight: Richelle Leanna Eary


Van-Anh Nguyen, Staff Writer

Name: Richelle Leanna Eary

Birthday: June 21, 2001

K-pop and J-pop Dancer















Richelle is a small girl with a big passion for K-pop and J-pop dance. Teachers and other student often mispronounce her name as “Michelle,” but it’s actually pronounce as “Rachel.”

She is a junior at RHS. A shy but friendly and extremely cute girl who willingly helps others when they need it.

Richelle has had a big passion for music since when she was little. Thinking about how cool it would be to perform on stage, Richelle tried it out. She said by trying it out, she got to know herself better.

“I found out that dancing always gives me happiness; it’s not something I will ever hate,” said Eary.

Richelle started practicing on her first dance cover in 7th grade in middle school. Her first performance of J-pop was in a big birthday party, and her first K-pop performance was in 2017’s Fall Pep Assembly at RHS.

When she practices, she always gets excited for the real thing and tries to do be best for the audience, from her appearance to her dance.

She has also performed K-pop in RHS 2017 Multi Cultural.

Richelle also does dance covers and makes song playlists on YouTube. Check it out @PerfectPeach143 and remember to subscribe!!!