February 2018: Upcoming Games

Jordan Yuan, Staff Writer

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February 2018 upcoming games for PC/XBOX/PS4:

  1. Dynasty warriors 9 – February 13th 2018 – PC/XBOX/PS4
  • This game is a hack and slash type of game, you must do quests, fight enemies to get stronger. For this game, you must do quests, grind monsters, to get stronger and higher level, but if you don’t want to do that then you may have to pay real money to get stronger. The reviews on this game is mixed, some said 8 was good and all but not that great, but a lot of people is looking forward to 9 coming out.


  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – February 13th 2018 – PC/XBOX/PS4
  • This game is an upcoming role playing game, so you must do quests to gain progress in the game and get stronger, you become stronger because the quests gives you money and stuff like that, for you to buy gear in game. There aren’t any reviews on this game yet.


  1. Metal Gear Survive – February 20th 2018 – PC/XBOX/PS4
  • This game is an upcoming survival action game, in this game you must fight zombies, which is a survival game, it’s basically like a zombie survival game, you must try to survive like you were in real life, so you must find materials and stuff like that. This game has no reviews as of right now


These are all the games releasing for February. I will most more upcoming game updates in March.