Artist Spotlight: Phan Hoang Phuc Nam

Break dancing genius

January 17, 2018


Phan Hoang Phuc Nam

Birthday: 12/31 (10th grade at RHS)

Nam was born in Vietnam in 1998, and he’s a 10th grader at RHS. He came to America in December, 2016 and started school here with us right away.

Break dancing is one of his biggest hobbies. Nam started to practice dancing when he was about 14, and his first performance ever was 2 years after when he was 16.

Since then, he made his favorite hobby into a carrier and makes money out of it. He joined a break dance group and performs for entertainment, makes money and competes with others.

Nam came to America in December 2016, and is now focusing on learning English, but still practicing his dancing hobby after school. He participates in RHS’s Talent Shows, and people love his performance.

Students and teachers at our school love him. He was student of the month twice since the beginning of this school year. Nam has his own sense of humors and just by being around him will make you laugh non-stop.

Nam’s best friends since his first days in America, Thinh and Uy, are practicing with him. Just within a couple months, they did a great job, especially Thinh, who was performing with Nam in RHS Talent Show. “I respect people who have passion and dare to light up their dreams” Nam said.

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