Fans of Doctor Who meet up to geek-out over their favorite show and fandoms

The Anglicon Experience


Emma Austin, Staff Writer

Anglicon 2017, The Day of the Doctors, is British Media Convention that took place over the weekend of Dec. 8-10. This is an event where individuals gather together to celebrate the Doctors and experience the interactive festivities. This year’s guest list included both Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor, and Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor. From Q&A’s to dance nights and craft rooms, Anglicon appeals to any age group. Fans can even scope out unique souvenirs in the dealers’ room, where they can buy anything from books and jewelry to handmade weapons and herbal teas.


Con events are all about connecting with people. It is not always the topic of the event that entices the attendees, but often it is the contests and activities that allow for fans to have intellectual and personal conversations.


This event could not have been executed without the time of generous volunteers from community members and local students, including many students from Renton High School. The Director of Operations, Rhianna Bennett, shared, “It has been complicated, but it has also been rewarding to see everyone.”


Eddy Peng, a volunteer from Renton High School, shared a similar experience and commented, “I enjoyed meeting all of the fans that went to the convention.”


Not only are the scheduled events well thought out and put together, but the creative, unique costumes and cosplays the fans come up with are mind blowing.


For example, the cat cosplay display where an owner brought out his feline friend dressed as one of the Doctors from the show was a popular one with the public. The cat even had its own display and greeting table. Attendees were also able to take selfies with the cat doctor, as the owner gave the kitty treats and enticed him to look up. This allowed fans to meet the cat and talk with the owner about the cosplay, all the while-learning a thing or two about the show.

Seeing the massive smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike was spectacular. Tristan Ryng, one of the volunteers, agreed saying, “My favorite part of Anglicon is seeing people smiling, you don’t usually get to see people happy like this.”


The craft room was another way attendees had the chance to meetup and connect with one another. One of the activities included making Frankenstuffies, where people could cut up stuffed animals and reattach their limbs, creating a new and improved toy. This gave fans the opportunity to be creative and resourceful, while also letting them create something unique to them that they could keep.


Events like these are important; it gives people with the same interests, the chance to connect and reach out to one another. It also gives people the chance to dress up and portray any characters they want, be creative, and just maybe make a new friend or two.


Fans of Doctor Who meet up to geek-out over their favorite show